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4/1/2019 || President's Update

Fellow Members,

We had excellent food and a lively meeting at Dino’s in Rosedale last week. Among the  issues discussed were the ongoing flood and the caretaker situation. The flood is abating at present though we are certainly still at risk for more water. The board will decide this week about whether to open the turkey season this coming weekend for the Arkansas youth season. Our policy has been to open if we are below flood stage [37] on the Arkansas city gauge. We will be very close this weekend.

Kim Campbell’s service will be at 1265 S. main St. Greenville MS at 10 am April the 13th.

Josh Campbell is still helping us part time and we have interviewed two prospective caretakers, Jason Barksdale, the man who lives in our trailer at the landing and David Cooksey from Greenville, a 58 year old carpenter and cabinet maker looking for a change in life. I remind everyone to put the word out and submit the names of anyone who might be interested to me or one of the board members. Our newest board member is Bob Pillow who joins us as Collier Tillman rotates off.

Our barge refit has been successful but we ask that you refrain from using it till David Huggins our insurance agent assures us of our liability coverage.

By general acclimation we decided to form a committee to look into the concerns surrounding deer hunting on the island.  Tom McLemore, Justin Vanhoozer, Nolen Howard, Trent Lamastus, and Tucker Miller,  agreed to come together and explore these issues further and report to the board/membership with their recommendations.  We want to keep our island hunting club enjoyable for all members as best we can. 

Good luck this turkey season,


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