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7/29/2019 || President's Update

Fellow Members,

Several of you have reached out for an update on the island as our unprecedented flood situation seems to be abating. Let us hope the river will keep going down.


Our new caretaker David Cooksey continues to do well. I have had several favorable reports on him. He is about to be extremely busy as he has only in the last week been able to access the kidney. There has been no road work or clipping over there since last year. Our electricity is back on and not a moment too soon as the generator is down. We have service scheduled for that and work on two problem propane tanks- at the main camp and Barton Lampton’s house.  We have not turned the key system back on at the gas pump so please keep up with your usage.

Deer season:

I have received quite a few calls about our upcoming deer season and have scheduled a site visit with Mark Barbee our biologist for Tuesday July 30, meeting at the landing at 9:30 am. Join us if you can, I’m sure he’ll have time for some questions. In my initial talk with him he has suggested a conservative season with fewer does taken and no “culls” as this year no doubt many of the deer will look bad from the nutritional stress they’ve been under.

Deer feeding:

Regarding requests for emergency feeding for the deer that remained on the island the board has elected not to allow any as green up is close at hand once the water goes down and our caretaker will have his hands full with preparations for the fall food plots.

Results from the deer committee :

I have had questions as to what exactly are our rules for this year regarding cameras, stands and such.

The board has accepted the results of the committee of volunteers that worked on the issues that had emerged last deer season. Tom McLemore chaired the committee and has agreed to set down in clear and concise detail the results which will be our policies for the year and our general hunting rules. Some have expressed dissatisfaction with  the results and I remind all that any of our rules may be challenged and changed by vote in the annual meeting.

Best Wishes,



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