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8/1/2019 || Rules Committee Report


Subsequent to the Montgomery Island annual shareholders meeting, a Rules Committee (“Committee”) was established to provide the board with the recommendations to specifically address five agenda items that were unresolved at the annual shareholders meeting. As a result of communications from members regarding other areas of concern not contained in the five agenda items, the Committee addressed those additional items as well. The Committee met via conference call on 04/23/19 ( 2.5 hours) and on 05/08/19 (1 hour).  The Committee was comprised of the following shareholders:

Tom McLemore—Chairman

Nolan Howard

Tucker Miller

Trent LaMastus

Justin VanHoozer


Recognize the Boon and Crockett scoring system for scoring in  our trophy and cull programs.  The Committee voted unanimously that the club will recognize Boon and Crockett and the scoring system for all trophy and cull bucks.Hire a private deer biologist.  The Committee unanimously agreed not to incur the expense of hiring a private deer biologist Limit the use of cameras to 3 named and numbered per membership with cameras to be removed November 1.  There was quite a bit of discussion on this topic and it was linked to the another agenda item of limiting the number of deer stands per membership. Even though it was not unanimous, the committee voted 4-1 to have all cameras removed from the woods by 10/01/19. The exception is that up to 3 cameras per membership are allowed after that date if they are affixed to or in close proximity to a members stand. Cameras can only be checked when actually going to or leaving a stand to hunt.  Limit the number of deer stands- ladder, climbing, ground blind, and box to 5 total per membership with name and number attached and recognize that any unoccupied stand is open to any member. Again—quite a bit of discussion on this topic and based on the e-mails and calls, the one that has gotten the most attention. The wording used on this agenda item addressed all types of types of stands, but based on our discussion and feedback from others, the real concern is the number of Box Stands that have recently been placed on the island. Instead of limiting the number of box stands per member which could theoretically result in a large number of members box stands added to the existing number, the Committee proposes the following: “The club puts a moratorium in place for all future box stands. Any box stand presently in place is grandfathered in. Also, all box stands are open to the general membership use with discretion.”  We decided try this for a year and if a re-occurring problem presents itself with conflicts with box stands we can re-address it at that time.   Stop  feeding on the island including at the camp yard for viewing purposes. Also suspend further applications of salt and mineral supplements.  The committee unanimously agreed to limit the feeding of deer in the camp yard to trough type feeds with a maximum capacity of 50 lbs. Ideally, any feed should be gone/consumed by the time or soon after the members leaves the island. Large, commercial type feeders are prohibited. Feeding outside the camp yard is prohibited.


There is a need to reinforce that they will be not hunting from the road or shooting from vehicles.There is a need to reinforce no gratuitous riding around during hunting season—most especially during prime morning and evening hunting hoursPlanted food plots by individuals are prohibitedLimitation of cull bucks to one per membership. Continue to use the cull buck criteria as defined by DMAP. Club will continue to abide by the published Arkansas hunting seasons for Zone 17. There will be no modern gun hunting in January and February as may be allowed by DMAP. Annual Meetings going forward will ideally be on the same day every year so members can plan well in advance.  A recommended date is the last Saturday in February.

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