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11/01/2018 || President's Update

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Fellow members,

You no doubt have heard of the other possible CWD case in Mississippi. This disease has not been detected so far in our immediate area, but, in an effort to address  possible health issues amongst the deer in our region the board met a few days ago on the island and came up with a some guidelines we ask that you follow in regard to any dead or sick animal you may find.

First, if you have to kill an animal in obvious distress and misery, get a witness, another member or Kim our caretaker.

Second, do not move the animal, bury it at the site if feasible and please use discretion in discussing the incident.

In addition, the board elected to put entrails and carcasses from the skinning rack in a pit with lime to hopefully better control and isolate our animal waste.  Thanks to Justin Vanhooser who agreed to dig the pit with his and Bryan Morris’s excavator for the club.

Also see the attachment containing Mark Barbee’s recommendations for this year’s deer kill. There should be a hard copy of it at the skinning rack as well.

The board also looked at sites for the proposed houses for members who might want a more private option than the main camp house. Ike has some excellent plans and a  builder who will be ready to start this winter. Any members who are interested should contact Ike Brunetti as soon as possible.

Regarding our timber cutting hopes, Glen White the consulting forester that has been helping us look for buyers, let me know that a group he has been in contact with is still considering a project on the island. We are tentatively  scheduled to show them the island next week.  The board in addition to hopefully cutting timber contacted NRCS in DeShay County concerning conservation enhancement programs that would help us financially improve our wildlife food sources.  Some of these projects pay from $25 per acre to $475 over a 10 year period.  We are in the process of gathering more information. 

Best wishes,



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