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1/15/2019 || Notice of Stock Transfer from Justin Vanhoozer to his son

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Good morning all and hope you had a good deer hunting season.  Justin recently purchased his second share of MI stock from Curtis Childers in December, and Justin would like to transfer that share of stock to his son.  If there is no objections, the transfer will go through.

As an addition, we have not heard from the timber people when or if they will start.  The board will keep the membership informed if indeed the harvest takes place.  Thanks to Ike Brunetti, Todd Holder and Wiley Charles for getting our 1928 barge off the river and on to a trailer.  

We are having some work done to it, with the biggest improvement being a permanent out board motor installed.  This way the barge can be driven without the aid of the camp boat being tied to it.   It will be much easier and safer to transport items back and forth.  


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